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How to find specific items in a report?

Question asked by daneseelen on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by daneseelen

I have built a simple inventory program, for the most part it is working, in terms of locations for items I have added a full list of locations with a pull down through a relationship in a separate table so users can search for them and add them more easily. This appears to be working well, however the warehouse team would like to be able to search for any location that is empty when a new truck comes in so they have a running list of where they can put stock which makes sense. I am not sure however on how to create a report that would show this. I think what would work would be a report that searches for locations that have blank fields in every other field and list them out. But again I am not sure how you would do this, as of now I have not done to much with reports.


An example of a report I have created-




Any help would be appreciated!