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Google OAuth URL Not Recognized

Question asked by jnicoletti on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by jnicoletti

Finally found a reason to jump on the OAuth functionality that FileMaker offers, but sadly have hit a road block. Following Wim's excellent tutorial helped me set everything up ( External Authentication Options: EA, SSO, AD, OD, OAuth, LDAP (Advanced 002) - YouTube  ). Things were looking up but when I went to authenticate I got the standard Safari error page (such as when you don't have internet) and a message that essentially says "mac os doesnt recognize fmpoautha16"... so what am I missing?


I will say the GooglesAPI Consent screen a little more developed since the release of this session, so perhaps I am missing something there but have:

1. named the app the same as the FileMaker file and have added the top level domain as an authorized domain.

2. Created the OAuth 2.0 client ID with the proper redirect.

3. Copied the ID and Secret to the server and restarted.

4. Added a gmail account to the FileMaker Accounts