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FMS17 Windows Configuration

Question asked by amsc on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by wimdecorte

I'm switching from FMC to FMS 17 under windows 2012 R2 (AWS instance). I've setup a "vanilla" server, and everything is working quite nicely so far.  This initial setup was originally going to be just for a few days as a backup server, but we've decided to switch to the FMS environment for several reasons (I'd rather not go into the reasons in this thread).


As mentioned, the Windows 2012 R2 setup is very generic right now.  I'm not a windows person, so I'm not quite sure what all needs to be tweaked to optimize and stabilize the OS.  What windows services do you recommend stopping?  Should I turn off Windows autoupdates?   What else am I not thinking of...    Access will be primarily FM Pro, FM Go, and Web Direct.  We do not have CWP.


Details: We have a single machine FMS 17 deployment running on an AWS T3.large instance.  I currently have 3 volumes attached: system, FM data, and FM backup.  I'm going to create a 4th volume to separate static and progressive backups.  I'm also going to enable automated AWS snapshots of the FM Data drive.


On hosting, I need to stick with AWS for the time being for scalability.  We're steady increasing our application's role in the company; AWS allows us to increase the computing power as needed.  We don't yet have a full feel for total # of users or  the FM Pro / web direct / FM Go mix, so AWS flexibility is a plus here.  Once we stabilize, I may look into hosting services to help minimize future server maintenance. 


Thank you in advance for your feedback!