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4k Screens & Contacts iPhone Sync

Question asked by michapple on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2018 by michapple

I am single user of a FMP based software programme created by a developer. I run it off my Laptop (Windows 10) which has a 4k screen and have this linked to a Dual Monitor set-up.


I have two problems my developer seems to be unable to help me with!


The Diary

They tell me it’s a FMP problem (having problems scaling with 4K screens) not their software – it displays so small you can read or use it. Again, they say until FMP address this there is nothing they can do – so currently I can’t use this.


Contacts Sync

I had wanted to have my contacts in the software contacts module sync onto my iPhone.


They said because I am on a PC and not using a server, I can’t do this and they have no solution going forward for this.


I have asked them many, many times to look into these matters and come up with any sort of solution, as of now my investment is wasted and I can’t use their software.


Do these problems make sense as I am not in any way technically minded on all of this and has anyone got a solution I could suggest to my developers on either of the above?