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Default Field Labels Don't Follow Style

Question asked by eric on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by eric

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17, and as many versions that have themes.

Mac and Windows



FileMaker Pro Advanced litters unstylish field labels whenever it generates a default field labels.

Field labels are the most frustrating issue I've seen with the delivered themes. Label styles are the main reason I have to add style and edit themes:

  1. Field picker's left-side labels are right-justified by default (which is good), but the label follows no style at all, thus the red-circle of self-disapproval.
  2. Default top labels also get the red-circle of self-disapproval.
  3. Also frustrating about default top labels is that their vertical alignment is centered. They should be bottom aligned so if the label starts to take more lines, they will go upwards, not both up and down, covering the field beneath and thus need to be adjusted.


How to replicate

  1. In layout mode, on field picker, select top or left placement.
  2. Drag and drop field to layout
  3. Field label will have Default style but won't really follow the style of the Default style.

I would expect FileMaker Pro Advanced to have separate styles for left and top labels it can apply whenever it generates a label.



  • Revert Changes to Style will maladjust a left-placed field label.
  • Save Changes to Current Style will maladjust other text with Default style.
  • I tend to Save as a New Style and then fix all the other field labels to that style.
  • TonyWhite describes the issue and workarounds as follows:

Layout objects of type text added to a layout using the field picker will land on the Default Style (which is left-aligned).
Right-aligned (also vertical-center) is applied as LocalCSS.

This does indeed produce the red circle.

There are likely very good reasons for this...

  1. The default for text object text-alignment has to be Left to support migration from a Classic Theme using the "single-undo" method.
  2. Right aligned is a good default choice for labels located to the left of fields.

The solution is to either

  • Apply a Custom Style to the text labels as a second step
  • Code generate the layout fields and text label as fmXML with the appropriate Styles attached to the various types of objects. (This takes quite a bit of work to set up and maintain.)

Here is a before and after image of migrating from a Classic Theme to a Custom Theme with default styles that were set up incorrectly for using the single undo method.
Depending on how you set up your Default Styles, converting off Classic could take minutes or seconds.

Nov 9, 2018 12:04 PM