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Dynamic portal filter on Webdirect

Question asked by gregstock on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by gregstock

Hi Guys, I am using the Dynamic Portal filter described by Danny Kohn :…

Its working with FMPro17 and on the Server, a great help. But on Webdirect - there seems to be an issue.

As you type into the Global Filter field, on Webdirect the curso returns to the very begining of the field instead of after the last typed character. Does anyone have a solution to this or is there something I have not set up?

Otherwise in the Server edition - all works correctly - as you type, the cursor stays at the end of the line and the portal filters - great for some of our needs.  I notice that @realgrouchy had a modified version : Custom Function for Dynamic Portal Filtering with multiple search terms .

we are not locked to using Webdirect but in our environment it can be useful so I would like to get this working if possible.