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Why isn't FileMaker GO not updating FileMaker Pro consistently?

Question asked by lhill14 on Nov 11, 2018
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I'm following the steps on the Custom App Academy, and it has been going great, until now. I don't have an iPad, so I am using my iPhone 6 to test my app. I successfully snapped a photo on the FileMaker GO on iPhone, and the record was immediately updated on my laptop with that photo. Great!

Not so with the signature field The field is functioning, but the laptop app isnt receiving that update, or any others in text fields.

Why did my photo field work perfectly from iPhone - Laptop but these other fields aren't communicating.

Any idea what might be wrong?


Thank you!



I figured out that in the FileMaker GO "Launch Center" there appears two versions of MYDATABASE, one says "MYDATABASE (on iPhone)" and the other says "MYDATABASE (on MacBook Pro)". I'm not sure why there are two listed. Apparently, I had selected the version (on iPhone) and entered a signature on the same record I was looking at on my laptop. Nothing updated. When I switched to the version (on MacBook Pro) in FileMaker GO the fields sync'd and my laptop displayed the signature. So, now my only questions are, am I doing this right? Why does the other version even exist?