Mojave Compatibility

Discussion created by j.hall on Nov 9, 2018
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I'm writing this out of complete frustration. I have been an active and daily FileMaker developer for almost 10 years now. I think this needs to be said. Because no one seems to be saying it.


When talking about Mojave compatibility some people would like to point to Mojave being released 45 days ago on September 24, 2018. As I write this on November 9th, 2018, FileMaker 17 isn't compatible with Mojave. Not only that, but the most recent post here FileMakerPKB it seems to suggest that FileMaker 16 isn't going to be made to be compatible with Mojave. As it says "An update is planned for FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced in the November 2018 timeframe to address these issues."


I want to be completely clear.


This is completely unacceptable!


The fact is that FileMaker 17 was released on May 15, 2018. The problem I have here is that some people want to point to 45 days from the release of Mojave as the date to point to, 45 days. But I think that's wrong. What I find completely unacceptable is the fact that FileMaker is OWNED by APPLE. Apple released the first beta of Mojave June 4, 2018. The real date for FileMaker 17 is June 4, 2018.


158 Days. 5 Months. 5 Months that FileMaker hasn't been compatible with the latest release of Mojave. Other companies, other big companies, have been able to make their software compatible with Mojave on day one of Mojave's release.


Why is it that FileMaker developers on the Mac have to wait 5 months for the latest version of FileMaker to work with the latest version of MacOS? If I were to go out and buy a new Mac today, FileMaker wouldn't be compatible because it will come preinstalled with Mojave. Then let's talk about FileMaker 18, which is going to be released in May of 2019. No we don't have any hard numbers or data, I haven't seen any betas, but, they have been on that schedule for a bit now. And guess what? A NEW VERSION OF MACOS IS GOING TO BE RELEASED NEXT SEPTEMBER!


If FileMaker is going to move to a yearly release schedule, then they should make sure it matches and it compatible with the MacOS release schedule. You can't tell me that they don't have access to the beta, everyone else has had access to the public beta since June. What's going on over there? Why is this happening. How is that Apple is allowing FileMaker to treat Mac users in this way? Is this FileMaker's way of telling us that we should be using Windows to Develop for FileMaker?


I was at DevCon 2018, I saw how many Macs were in use there. Additionally, lets face it, if you need to develop for FileMaker Go, you HAVE to use a Mac because of the font rendering differences between MacOS/iOS and Windows. Or you have it running on your Device and keep tweaking and moving things around until you have it right. We all love doing that don't we?


Windows 10 was officially released on July 29, 2015, FileMaker 14 was released in May of 2015. How long did Windows have to wait to make FIleMaker 14 compatible with Windows 10? 0 DAYS! ZERO DAYS!


FileMaker: I, and I'm sure more than a few of my fellow developers, deserve and explanation. Because if this wasn't a public post I would have ask the question in a much less polite way. Send some guys up the street to WWDC each year. Run the software on the Betas and figure out how to fix them before the release of the new OS. Because at this point, I have to wonder, should we, as developers, just move to using Windows as my primary development platform for FileMaker? And exactly how would Apple feel about that?