LIST functionality breaks font - turns to greek characters

Discussion created by CarlSchwarz on Nov 11, 2018
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This is a weird one I'm putting out there for reference.

I'm not going to take the time to re-create this issue in a test database because of time constraints but just posting this here so that if someone else googles they can see the behaviour I had with the list() function.


I had the following script step that used the list function:

Set Field [Letter::g_printText , Letter::Preamble & List( Letter_Job_Join::JobDetails ) & Letter::Postamble ]

Text that was copied / pasted from another FileMaker File into the Letter_Job_Join::JobDetails field would then change from a normal font - Calibri for example, to Greek.  This was happening to my clients for months before one of the users emailed me their workflow and I found out exactly how to reproduce the issue.


The exact steps that could reliably recreate this issue were to use a script to copy text via the "Copy" script step to the clipboard.

Then Paste this text into a Letter_Job_Join::JobDetails portal

Then using list() in the set field script step above would turn that copied text into greek characters. Only that copied text would change, other text in that field was fine.


The FIX to the greek character issue was to avoid the LIST() function and instead loop through the Letter_Job_Join table like so:

Go To Object [Join Table]

go to portal row (first)


set variable [$LetterBody ; If( not( IsEmpty ( $LetterBody ) );

$LetterBody & "¶" & Letter_Job_Join::JobDetails ;

Letter_Job_Join::JobDetails )

go to portal row (next ; exit after last)

end loop


I then used the $LetterBody result in the above Set Field script step in place of the LIST function.

Set Field [Letter::g_printText , Letter::Preamble & $LetterBody & Letter::Postamble ]

… It was clear that the LIST() function was turning the text that was pasted to greek, avoiding the list function allowed the text to keep it's font and not turn to greek characters.