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On first window open. Setting Global and radio button

Question asked by Cécile on Nov 10, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by TorstenBernhard

The script "on last window close" is supposed to set the field ParametersOfEmployee::RemLang (remember my language choice) the current value in the global Employee::gLang


I have a script "On file open" which is supposed to set gLang to the value saved in RemLang and then perform the script RefreshLanguage.


The language is set through radio buttons; on object modify, the script RefreshLanguage is triggered. (Refresh window and flush cache join result).


However, when I open the file, the language is always French, even if I changed it to English before I closed the file, and no radio button is selected.


I suspect it may have to do with failing to identify that current AccountUser = ParameterOfEmployee record where RemLang is stored ?