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Go to Record by Calculation - Misunderstanding?

Question asked by fredo22 on Nov 11, 2018
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Hi All,


I have a FM Go app that has a list view.  When the user comes to this screen, I want a particular record (the next game in a schedule) to appear on the top of the screen.  I define a variable $NextGame# and I want the list to scroll to have that record on the top of the list.  I tried Go to Record by calculation (Game #=$Next Game#).  But It's not working.  I just read that "By Calculation" only lets you use record # in the calculation... but I don't know what record number that Game record will be in the found set. I guess I don't really understand the by calculation function.  Is there another way I can accomplish this?  The list view needs to show all records, and the user needs to be able to scroll back up to see past games.  Thanks!