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"New" User desperate for some specific assistance...

Question asked by tippin on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Koen Van Hulle

First, a little background.


I initially discovered Filemaker Pro back around 1995, when as Marketing Manager for a Canadian company, I needed a solution for creating and tracking customer special quotations.   I was able to create and implement a very good solution via Filemaker that I believe is still in use today.  I then lost contact with Filemaker as I moved through less "hands on" positions through the years with different businesses.


A little over a month ago I took a new position handling business operations for a construction company - one whose annual revenues have gone from $1m a couple of years ago to one who today has contracts for over $16m in business for this year, with growth opportunities yet to come.  But it required significant reorganization and implementation of new systems to be able to facilitate this growth.  Looking for a path forward, I remembered Filemaker, and have found myself with downloaded trial versions of both FMPA and Filemaker Server - both of which have significantly more powerful options than the circa 1995 version, and a longer learning curve as well.


I have been trying to develop a "working app" to use as a starting point, and believe I am close, and that FMPA is exactly what we need.  What I NEED to do is present my partner with this "working app" so we can "pull the trigger" on the purchase of the 5 user Annual Subscription and get access to our field supervisors where it is needed.


Once we are committed to the use of FMPA FM Server and FMGO, I will be able to find the time and resources to learn FMPA in greater detail, but at this stage what I am desperately hoping to find is a Community were I can find some "quick" solutions to the final couple of issues I am having with my "prototype" first app.  I understand the need to more deeply learn what FMPA is capable of and how to take advantage of it to build out the apps in the future, but for now I have serious time constraints, and haven't been able to identify the solution to the problem I have.  Hoping SOMEONE out there will be kind enough to help me out.




Now the most important issue I need to solve before I can move forward...




We have multiple job sites with multiple projects going on at each site.  To properly manage these sites, I need our Site Superintendents to be able to easily update where each project is at every morning. Different stages of each project trigger different things that need done - material orders, subcontractor agreements, etc.


I have created a basic app, that at least for now, will allow us to get started (it is attached, but only with sample data included in file).


I have a series of radio buttons for each record that would be moved to completed for each stage, which the Superintendent's would update each morning on their iPads as they drive through the site.


What I am asking for help with, and what I need to accomplish, is that each time a status is clicked 'complete', a date field for each would automatically be filled with the date that is completed.


(I originally thought of a drop-down calendar field beside each radio button, but my partner doesn't feel that the Super's will accurately maintain these date fields - we need to make it automatic).


Is this possible (I believe given FMPA's powerful solutions that it would be!)?  I am guessing that through a script would be the answer?


Secondly, I would like to generate a report screen that would show each site and project number, along with the most recent status, (or last radio button changed to completed).




I fully understand that the answer I should normally look to receive is "take the time to learn", but sadly with everything else that needs done today in reorganizing the business, time is something I really don't have.  I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to provide a real short cut, so I can get the app completed, then get to work on getting the full versions, get the server set up and get the iPad app into the hands of both our field personnel and my partner.


Like I said, once I get things launched I will be able to allocate the time required to learn much more about FMPA.


Sorry for the very lengthy message and rudimentary request for a short cut, but I'm hoping someone will sympathize with the backstory and perhaps help me out.


Thanks in advance..