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Statistical Evaluations of Data

Question asked by yamu on Nov 10, 2018
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I think I'm still too influenced by Microsoft SQL Server, so I do not really see the "Filemaker way" ;-)


I have a table with records and one field holds a date. In this table, I also have 2 formula fields, which extract only the year and the month from the date. And a 4th field for a group name.


On the one hand, I would like to get the count of records for a particular year, e.g. 2017: 8953, 2018: 7312, etc. and on the other hand counts per group, e.g. 2017: G1: 3212, 2017: G2: 1000, 2018: G1: 300, 2018: G2: 400, 2018: G3: 500.


In a script with ExecuteSQL this is not a problem at all, but how do you do that in a layout? With SQL Server I would use a view, in Filemaker, I think, it should go with relations or so? But I can't figure out how ;-(


Thanks, Hans