ALTGR + 2 (or any other combination) not working under Windows 10 in Kiosk mode

Discussion created by andries_heylen on Nov 12, 2018
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an AZERTY keyboard needs ALTGR+2 to type a "@" sign, it needs ALTGR+E to type a "€" sign etc.


this does not work in Kiosk mode, which is a little bit a pain if you generate a kiosk app to collect e-mail addresses. I have a general feeling that the "ALTGR" button no longer works in "Full screen" mode. Apparently other apps like Remote Desktop etc causes the same problem.



FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.0.2

OS: Windows 10


Expected behavior

People could type a "@" sign with Windows 10 in Kiosk mode and an AZERTY keyboard



Nothing happens


Steps to reproduce

Create a Kiosk app with a field in it

Enable kiosk mode

login with a Windows 10 machine and an AZERTY keyboard layout

try to encode a "@" sign using ALTGR+2