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Calculation Result from Related Record

Question asked by mwalsh on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by mwalsh

Hello, I'm trying to solve a problem related to related records.


I have two tables that are related by a FAMILYID; within each family there could be multiple records for multiple people and each has a field I want to search, i'll call it isStatus.


On the record of any member of the family I want to be able to show via checkbox if any other member of the family has isStatus=1. I'll call that field isFamilyStatus, it would be '1' if any family member in the related table isStatus=1.


Here's what I'm doing now for the calculation, which is currently only coming back with the correct result of the first related record, not all related records. So, it will tell me if the first related record isStatus=1, but what I need to know is if any of the related records =isStatus1 whether they are the first, second, fifth, etc. Even if only 1 of 5 related records isStatus=1, I want the isFamilyStatus to return '1'.


Case( related sibling table::isStatus; 1; 0 )


I'm new to FMP, so i'm expecting there's a simple solution. When I use a portal to manually search the related records it is all good, but the calculation is not searching all of the related records and I'm too new to understand why.