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Setting up DB, Tables and Relationships

Question asked by daneseelen on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2018 by chuckv

Hi, I have created my own inventory app, but I still feel I am not getting the DB, tables, relationships, etc. etc. etc. right.


Here is a screen shot of my relationships, each have allow creation of records checked to add info to the table on the right. As I understand it this allows a user to enter info into the inventory table and that info will be added to the table "itemid" for example due to the relationship. This way if a user wants to add a new "itemid" to the inventory app and have that "itemid" available in the dropdown list the next time it will be there.


Pic 1



I have them setup this way because I wanted to have a drop down list for staff to reference for itemid#, itemid, customerID, locationid & customercontactid.


Example of what the app looks like-

Pic 2


The problem I am seeing, is I can add a new item name to "ItemID" and it will show in the list since it seems to add it to the Inventory table. see below-

Pic 3



But this does not add the item to the drop down list of "ItemID".




Ultimately, what I would like is a screen like pic 2, where users can add new items, contacts, locations etc. to the drop-down list via a button, but not be able to input them into the fields manually, obviously some fields are ok i.e. the quantity and such but items, locations, contacts, customers do not change often so I'd like to keep them constant unless a button is clicked intended to change them. I would also like to add a commit button where no data or changes are made until the commit button is clicked. I know this may be a lot to ask and I am sure anyone willing to help will have more questions, but I would like to learn. Basically I have built a rough draft of what I want, now I need to fine tune it from the ground up. Please feel free to correct any terminology I may be getting wrong, I am also trying to bridge the gap between FM and other projects I have done.


Note: The work will be completed with File Maker Pro Advanced installed for all users.