Filemaker Mojave and File System Case Sensitive

Discussion created by bmts81 on Nov 13, 2018
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Hi fellows,

I just installed Macos Mojave, i have done this only after some company colleagues had their system also upgraded to Mojave and with Filemaker working, because we know how it works with Filemaker and Apple upgrades. Even so my upgrade was not successful. All the connections to any remote host were failing and it was not possible to share (Another user is already sharing).

After some research I released that the main difference between my installation and my company's colleagues was the file system format APFS (Case Sensitive).

Conclusion I was forced to reformat disk and reinstall everything again this time with APFS (Case Insensitive).

Do you have or had the same problem?

I didn't saw this stated anywhere.

Also I believe all of you are not using case sensitive  file system, so the probability is low.

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Bruno Silva