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Question about Server Setting: Filter Databases in Clients

Question asked by tcwaters on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by dtcgnet

Trying to resolve an access problem that is new after upgrading our server to FMS 17.  The DB in question used to auto-open with Full Access.  I changed that so the DB should now auto-open with very limited abilities, but users are still being prompted to login rather than it auto-logging in. I clearly have something set incorrectly.


I want to make sure I understand the server setting:  "Filter Databases in Client Applications"


With this enabled, a user who goes to will be prompted to login before they can see any db's in the launch window. Right? 


But if they go to, should they still be prompted to login or should they go direct to that db which is set to auto-login with a specific user/password?


Of course with FMP or FMPGo apps, they can't get to a launch window without login. This makes sense to me.