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Filemaker Go date field not working

Question asked by harriet on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by harriet

Beginner here.  I am having trouble with the date field in Filemaker Go.  I use FMPA 17.  To update the database in Go, I connect my phone to my computer. 


When I select the date field on my phone, the date scrollbar appears.  However, if the date field is blank, the date won't enter at all, and the field remains blank--unless I hit the icon with the three horizontal bars and up-arrow, which then allows selecting current date.  After that, I can use the scroll bar to change the date.


But then, there is no way to delete the date, to make the date field a blank field.


I have tried multiple combinations in the Data settings for Control Style, Set Input Method, and Touch Keyboard Types, but the date field still doesn't work on the phone.  I am using a custom date format (13 Nov 2018 or Tue 13 Nov 2018, depending on the app), but if that's the problem, I can use any other format.


I can't seem to find anything in Filemaker Help or in searching the Community that addresses my question at this simple level. 


Bottom line: I would like to have a date field that works on the phone in any way possible.  Input can be scroll bar, calendar, or keypad ~ any would be fine, as long as I can enter a date, change a date, and delete a date.