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Set field with extra text?

Question asked by gavman2000 on Nov 13, 2018
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Hello! First post on the community forums, been working on a pre built database so I'm slowly but surely making changes.


I had a quick question about the "Set Field" Script step.


Right now it reads as is "Set Field [ Relation_Ship::Name_Example ; Relation_ship::Number_Quote ]


Currently : This returns just with the quote number in the field. Example: Q020605

What I would like " Q020605 21 Day Followup "


I want to put my quote number into this field which is all good and dandy and I got that to work but I need to add in some text in after words that will show up in the field but im not sure how to format that or if its even possible. The field its setting is an edit box so it should be able to do it. Any ideas?


Thank you!