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Transfering data from iOS SDK to FMCloud

Question asked by user28671 on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by HOnza

I have an App solution created through the iOS SDK.  I am looking to transfer data from the client to a similar db on FM Cloud.  I have used the Open URL script step to transfer the data, which works great, until I realized if a client hasn’t downloaded FM Go to their iPhone/iPad they receive an error.


I then decided to transfer the data via the Data API.  This works great as well except for it transfers the data 75% slower than Open URL.


I am now going to attempt to consolidate all record data into a text file, insert into a container, transfer the container file (via the Data API I suppose), parse the data via PSOS and hope this is faster.


Is there anyone who would do anything differently to speed up this process/any alternative ways I am not thinking of?



- Ashley