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Selector Connector model questions

Question asked by Cécile on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by Cécile

I realised that someting I was trying to achieved would be much easier to implement with a Selector Connector added to my graph. I have studied for hours Jason Young's file and presentation but fields are not documented so I have a hard time understanding what some do and if/which critical steps must be accomplished by script for this design to work.


Jason Young's selector connector graph looks like this:



1) He doesn't put the Refresh field in right tables. I imagine that the relationship makes it unnecessary to link and add a Refresh downstream?

2) One of my right table will need to be linked to the selector but I don't have a left table occurence for it. Should i create a left TO or link it to the selector from where it sits?

3) On this graph, invoices are connected to the selectedContactID in the Selector while project is connected to the z_Connector. What is the difference? My other left tables that need to be connected to the selector, would they connect to the SelectedContactID, the z_Connector, or would they need their own nub in the Selector table?