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Graph Design Validation Please and Exploration of a concept

Question asked by Cécile on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by TorstenBernhard

In the Project stream, I have the following relationships

(1) Needs - Prescriptions - Product prescribed for need

I know it sounds scholastic but it was originaly a conceptual relationship until I figured might as well use it.

(2) Estimate - EstimateLines - PRICE thisLineProduct

(3) Product - PRICES thisProduct


I have looked but haven't found example of how those 4 tables should be linked together. My current rational is that I link separately the Product and the Prices to the EstimatesLines because a choice about the applicable price for that product is made at the quote level (each product has many different prices scenarios depending on volume and clients and year period).

I relate the prices to products on their own.


Now, this structure might pose problem on the Estimate Layout since the product picker in the EstimateLines portal might be out of context. I suppose I could link directly the product to the EstimateLines since both the Prescription TO and the Lines TO are occurrences of the EstimateLines table. Would I still need my separate (3) relationship between product and prices? Probably in the Product layout on a card or popover with a portal to present/create new/the available prices for the product?..


I will post the current version of this graph section right here and in my reply below, I will present the whole graph with ideas I am juggling with for the last few day and I want to sort this or kill it once and for all as I am delaying development by all these concept explorations (although I do need to understand better what I am doing) and learning bouts I have been doing for the last two weeks (client not happy atm... still I need address the current design strategy crisis I am facing!


So here is the graph for the question above,