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Drag and Drop csv file and import: script steps

Question asked by chuckburr on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by beverly

What are the script steps to drag and drop a csv or xlsx file and then import it as records into fields? I presume the user drags a file into a global container, I have to then use FileMaker decode/encode? script step to convert the bianary file to csv or xlsx file, then import it using an import script step with a saved field import order. See sample file.



- works with WebDirect

- the field order of the file matches the import script.

- the file is csv UTF-8 encoded or xlsx to simplify things.

- has to work on FM server cross platform.

- I can control the field import order, when the user chooses an option from a drop down menu specifying the system they are coming from in advance.

- The file is imported into one table where I validate the data before it is imported into the solution. I am not testing encoding in this step, testing encoding is outside the cope of this question.

- These files are from the general lay public (not internal company staff) so the names are random but I hope the suffix stays csv xlsx which I will check for.

- Importing is non recurring, this is a tool for lay users to import their data.


Thank you.