Filemaker to Aftership using JSON

Discussion created by JulianJohnson on Nov 14, 2018
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Hi There,


I'm looking to integrate between Filemaker (v17) to a service called Aftership. Basically you send them a courier's tracking number etc and it lets your customers track their shipment on a custom page, sends out notifications etc.


They have an API that's all done using JSON. They have some really clear documentation here: https://docs.aftership.com/api/4/overview


I have my API key and a rough script using the FM16_cURL_CF set of custom functions. However I'm just not literate enough with calling the requests to get it working.


Ultimately we want to be able to authenticate then create a new "tracking". It's their term for a consignment with tracking number.


I'm not sure if anyone has integrated with them before but it looks like the kind of thing that would be great to do and we could really do with getting it working here.


Any hints gratefully received!