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Save PDF File As dialog hidden behind current FM window

Question asked by jdevans on Nov 14, 2018
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In one part of my solution, I have a layout with a button which opens a new window slightly lower than and to the right of the window that contains the button.
That new window is a printable view. I keep the Status Toolbar open for users to go to Preview Mode. If they do so, and then select "Print" from the Status toolbar, they are first presented with the Print dialog box. If on that dialog they select "Adobe" as the printer and click Print, the next dialog box is stuck behind the printable view window (2nd window). This presents problems:

1) the PDF dialog is modal, and no other open window can be acted upon until some selection is made on it.

2) since it is hidden behind the 2nd FileMaker window, the one in the way can't be resized or moved

3) the only way out is Ctrl+Alt+Del > Task Manager > End FileMaker Pro process and start all over again.


I am puzzled as to why the PDF dialog is displaying behind the 2nd FileMaker window. This is on a Windows 10 machine. None of this happens in a script. It's all native FileMaker Pro behavior.



The inherent problem seems to be that the Preview Mode window is GOING to be the front-most window, even above Print Dialog boxes.



I just noticed this same behavior when I have the 2nd window open (NOT in Preview Mode), and I do a Ctrl+Shift+S (to open the Script Workspace). The Script Workspace is stuck behind the front-most window too.
Does this have something to do with the fact that the second window was opened via a script? TSGal, Anyone?