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Deciphering errors

Question asked by SteveKeiser on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by coherentkris

I have some data errors that are occurring. They are only occurring from users in a certain area. It appears that perhaps it is being caused by scripts that may not be completing (one Set Field step is complete, but another is not). What I am am speculating is that there is an unreliable internet connection and a script is not completing before a connection is lost and cannot be restored. So, I am asking all you very smart people out there: 1. How I could go about testing this theory? 2. Where is global field data stored? (On the client computer, or the server). 3. If this is the cause and global data is stored on the server (these scripts are using global data for Set Field steps), then can I simply identify these key data dependent scripts and have them run on the server? Any ideas will be appreciated.