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FMP client cache file paths (Windows)

Question asked by justinc on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by justinc

What is the Windows file path to the FMP client cache files?  I did searches on the Internet, here, FMP Help...

I found the path for OSX (in other Community threads), but not Windows.  I did search around on my Windows machine, but didn't find anything.


I had a client experiencing strange "<table missing>" errors on their machine.  The privilege set was good (I logged in with her user account and had no problems); she had restarted the program, and her machine, without a fix.  So I was going to have her manually delete the cache files.  But I couldn't find them.  (Somehow, things just started to work for her again - she kept restarting the application and relogging into the file.)


FYI, the OS X path:  ~/Library/Caches/FileMaker/DBCache/