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How to export an excel file to a desktop on either a mac or pc in filemaker pro 12?

Question asked by on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by eric

1/2 of my clients use a mac and the other a pc.  At this time, they are unable to purchase a server, which would solve my problem. 


I need to create a script to export (and import) an excel file to both a mac or pc.  I have found the Set Variable [$DesktopPath; Value (DesktopPath)], but am not sure how to use it, or even if it the right place to start.  From what I have been researching, there is a difference between mac and pc, and I need the script to work on both platforms.


I have a layout with 3 fields that need to be exported to an excel file. That file will then be uploaded to a different filemaker layout when they are ready, and will have the same file name.  I especially need help with how to direct the database to choose the file regardless of the operating platform (pc or mac).