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Scripting find of text field with range of text

Question asked by asvaaland on Nov 14, 2018
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I have a field Arcticle Number that some contains just numbers and some letters and numbers.


I am trying to build a search form with from asset - to asset using global fields and a calculation to ge the results from - to assets and all the records inbetween the start and end parameters.


My strugle is the assets that contain text does not show up. If I search for assets containing only numbers the searhc works fine and I get all the records in the range. Now when I do this with assets that contain or start with text I get no records found.


Using calculated field:


G_FromAsset  &  ".. or ..."  & G_ToAsset



Any comments on how I could get this search to work would be kindly appreciated.


Many thanks

Stian V