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FM11: Portal serial numbering corruption?

Question asked by philj on Nov 15, 2018
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Hello folks, I did a search but did not quite find what I'm looking for, hope I'm not duplicating:




I have a database of recipes, each parent record is a separate recipe.

In each record there is a portal that contains the list of steps that must be performed in sequential order.


In the related table for the portal I created a "stepnumber" field is defined as auto-enter serial number. I set the first number to be 1, however each time I create a new record, the "first number" gets reset to another value, usually the next higher number after the most recent step in a previously created recipe.


How do I set it to always start at 1 for each parent record?



I have created a button that will sort and renumber the numbers starting at 1 within the portal, but when I navigate away from that "recipe" and then come back some time later, the stepnumber field has been changed to something else, renumbering starting at 1234 for example, and in some cases the steps have been moved around, e.g., the first 2 steps have been moved to the bottom of the list.



If we need to insert a line in the middle of the recipe, we currently create a new record and override the stepnum with a value like 1.5 to insert a step between 1 and 2, and then run the re-number the steps so that step 1.5 becomes step 2, step 2 becomes 3, and so on.


Am i using the serial number feature incorrectly?

How do I accomplish the serialization that will retain the numbering starting at 1 but allow me to insert and delete steps as necessary?


Thanks again for your help,