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FM 16 or 17 as music players?

Question asked by BenToronto on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2018 by BenToronto

FM 12 makes a great music player because an interactive container field linked to externally stored MP4a files opens with a nice little Quick-Time-like control panel. But then FileMaker Corp, in their wisdom, "deprecated" this feature in FM 13. The audio player was gone.


So each upgrade since, I have been struggling to figure out what updated FMs have the audio player restored. I think it is in FM 16 and FM 17, but would appreciate confirmation that my FM 12 file will update and use the audio player in these newer programs.


As a FM user for 25 years (and Apple since 1979), I have my reasons to be tardy in updating OSs. So I am targeting moving to (low) Sierra. That should work for FM 12 (if I stay with it) and work OK for FM 16... but maybe not FM 17. So I'd appreciate community guidance on my choices.


Please remember I am just an ignorant end-user. Thanks.