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New record if not found

Question asked by PeterW45 on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by PeterW45

I hope I can explain this correctly. I created a genealogy message database. I have a contacts table, a message table, and an ancestors table. I create a new message from my list of contacts. I keep track of the surname and subject of a message. I also want to keep track of ancestors discussed in a message.


So in a given message, I have a portal showing me ancestors mentioned in that message. I allow the portal to create new records for a new ancestor. It occurs to me that I will encounter instances in which the same ancestor is mentioned in more than one message. This is what I desire. I want to enter an ancestor's first and last name, if that person is already a noted ancestor, that record (AncestorID) is added to that message. If the ancestor has not been found, then I wish to also add the ancestor (a new AncestorID) and connect him to the message.


I'm attaching a copy of the relationship chart so you can see what I have created. I've learned how to use variables to transfer information from one message to a reply to that message. It seems to me that I need to do something similar, but I'm not sure whether my database is properly set up to do what I wish it to do. It seems to me that I'm creating a new record in any case, but some records are different than others?


I know there are other examples of new records being created if not found, but I didn't see how they connected to my example. I hope someone can comprehend what I am attempting to do and point me in the direction to make it work.