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Sort by date, return value from record

Question asked by adrianmgs on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by dtcgnet

Hi gals and guys,

Relative noob here, so some aspects of the question might be a little basic...


Here's the setup:

- I have a main table that contains information about clients.

- A related table contains information about particular activities from each client.

- The relationship between these two tables works well for now (I have a portal in the client's detailed view from where I can add new activities with a name, a date and a description).


Now, in my list view of the clients I would like to add a field that displays the name of the activity that is the most recent, i.e. that has the most recent date (and not the most recent creation timestamp). As said, I don't need the date but the related name of the activity.


I have tried creating a single field portal, but I can't manage to streamline the look of it into the layout (i.e. make it like like it's a single field and not a portal).

Is there a way to do this by calculation? (tried a few things, no successful results so far)

Should I rather write a script?


Thanks in advance!