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So I guess I am an Old Dog trying to learn a new trick (without much luck)

Question asked by tippin on Nov 16, 2018
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Firstly, thanks to those of you who have already tried to help me out with some Filemaker basics... it has been truly appreciated.


So now I am trying my first work with scripts.  A couple of Community Members have even been kind enough to provide me with sample scripts for what I am looking to do, but apparently I am not even smart enough to modify them to work in my first app!


I am trying to do the following... when a field (with checkbox) is "checked", I want the current date to be automatically entered into a date field.


If someone would be kind enough to solve this ridiculous riddle for me, I'd be glad to e-transfer $20 to your email address if you provide it (is this even allowed in a forum such as this???).


Here is the sample script I was kindly provided with...



Set Variable [ $fieldName; Value:GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 1 ) ]

Set Variable [ $status; Value:GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 2) ]


If [ $status = "Complete" ]

Set Field By Name [ $fieldName; Get ( CurrentDate ) ]

End If


I know I will need to copy this script for each of the "field sets" I want to have update, but for this example, the field name that is being updated is named "Excavation Stat" , and the date field I want to have automatically filled with the current date is named "Excavation Date".


The Excavation Stat is set up as a checkbox set with only one value ("Completed") and Excavation Date is set with a Control Style of "Drop Down Calendar".


WHERE in the script would I type in the actual field names for each script????


Have ordered the full versions of FMPA17 and Server, am ready to get going as soon as I can solve this silly little issue.  THEN I hope to be able to dedicate serious time to learning more about how to make my apps much more functional and beneficial to my business.


Thanks in advance to who ever can jump in and assist!