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400 Error From Data API

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Nov 17, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by Mike_Mitchell

Good day. I'm attempting to install a system for a client and have run into something I don't know how to fix.


A little background: The system in question is designed to use the Data API to push data between database files (all FileMaker). This is intended to work across multiple different servers located in different facilities. (The reason we're not just putting the tables on the Graph has to do with security - we don't want certain users to have access to one of the sets of files.)


I have tried the setup using a server on, where it works nicely. The client have on-premises servers, set up to use to assign IP addresses. SSL certificates are installed, and I do get a green lock icon when I log in from my desktop.


However, when I attempt to utilize the scripting for the API call to open a session, my desktop simply times out. No response is received from the server. When I attempt to run the same script from the server (targeting itself by way of the external URL), I get a 400 error, reporting that the request has an invalid date (Jan 1 2000). I suspect there might be a problem with the SSL certificate (it was obviously created well after Jan 1 2000), but how do I fix it?