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Limiting related values in a value list does not work

Question asked by jonasmn on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by jonasmn

I have a table TIMECARD related to the table CLIENT, that is related to the table PROJECT which in turn is related to SUBPROJECT.


TIMECARD is pointing driectly to the CLIENT, the PROJECT and the SUBPROJECT.





That means that in the TIMECARD, when I have picked the Client, and I select a project from the dropdown menu, only projects related to the Client are shown and I pick one. For this I have made a dropdown menu that uses a list (PROJECTLIST) that picks out only the projects related to the selected client. THIS WORKS FINE.


Second I want to connect the timecard to a subproject, that is related to the project that I picked just before. For this I have made a dropdown menu that uses a list (SUBPROJECTLIST) that is supposed to pick out only the subprojects that are related to the project. THIS DOES NOT WORK!


If I in the change the settings in the SUBPROJECTLIST so that ALL subproject in the entire table are selected and shown, then it works fine, but sorting out only the subprojects related to the project does not work.


I have double checked both table relations, layout settings and settings for the two lists, so that they match. As far as I can see it, it should work. But I am begining to wonder if FM works differently when the chain of relations gets longer?


Any suggestions or ideas what to check?



Jonas Möller Nielsen