PHP Micro service inside FileMaker Server

Discussion created by FMCostaRica on Nov 16, 2018
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I have read a few post about using the installation of PHP from FMS for something other than what it was intended for like hosting PHP scripts etc, we are not using the PHP and CWP and don't plan on using it at all in future developments, we are using FMS 17 and instead we will be using the Data API.


What we want to accomplish is to use PHP 7 to run some micro services related to processes that some of our FileMaker solutions use for example signing XML documents with XADES-EPES using a .p12 certificate, in that use case filemaker solution will send the xml data to the micro service or PHP script via an API the PHP script will send the signed XML data back to filemaker for further action, we want to be able to also use this micro services by going to the server web address for example


I understand some of the implications of doing this, and the best practice will be to have a dedicated server, but our first route will be this one and only a few of the solutions will use this micro services, we need access to them from outside the server because one solution accessing this micro services is hosted on a different server.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.