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FMPA17: Dropdown Menu Bug

Question asked by davidt on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by TSGal

Product: FileMaker Pro Advanced version

OS: Windows 10 Home version 1803

Hardware: HP Laptop with Intel Core i7 CPU


I am working on Tutorial 202: Extend. And a few times I have noticed that some dropdown menus work fine but other dropdown menus don't open properly for some reason as you can see in the pictures I attached. I can still use arrow keys to scroll through the dropdown menu's list but if I want to see the whole dropdown menu sometimes I can't. The dropdown menu I was trying to open in these pictures was a date formatting menu in Layout mode but other dropdown menus in Layout mode also suffer the same problem.


How to replicate: open attached Filemaker file, go to the Services By Month Report, open it in Layout mode. Select a text box and then select Data in the right side panel. Go down to Data Formatting and click the Date (with a calendar icon)button then choose Custom in the Format drop down menu. After that open any of the middle section of dropdown menus. Notice that the dropdown menu opens and the text is illegible and the size of the dropdown menu is either too big or too small.


Workaround: click inside the dropdown menu and keep it selected after the dropdown menu list closes and move through the options with the arrow keys.