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Strange happening in Script Workspace

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Nov 17, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by user19752

I added the following to my Script Template the other day, [ © = Option G  Option 2 = ™] in my Template as a reminder.


#   © = Option G  Option 2 = ™


Then this morning I was copying the Script Template Header I created to modify some older scripts where I never documented them properly from years ago. When I went to Paste the Header into an existing Script, It only partially copied.


This occurred in multiple Files where this text #   © = Option G  Option 2 = ™ was in the script.


I Uninstalled FM 17 and Re-installed The issue still existed.


I then removed the  # © = Option G  Option 2 = ™ from the Script and everything was fine and now I am able to copy and paste from my Script Template.


Why would this prevent the Copying and not pasting everything that was copied to another script?


Curious, also wondering if any other text will cause issues within the #Comment ?