What are the work methods you feel you couldn't do without?

Discussion created by Cécile on Nov 18, 2018
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Today, I decided I wanted in the footer of my layouts a button bar, with 2 buttons that would toggle and hide between creation and modification metadata, which user preference would be remembered for the next session. It took me more than an hour to do that. I have short term memory issues and find it difficult to get in the proper concentration zone; when I do, it is fantastic, but it rarely happens. I usually cannot keep track of more than 3 steps at the time and my brain thinks way faster than my capacity to harvest the ideas in an analog fashion.


The above project had many steps to do, some in other layouts or in the relational graph. Moreover,I would only "see" these steps with their "warnings" (e.g. ok need to create $$, $$ won't be loaded, must figure a way to load it if I want to test to see if what I am doing works; need to go create the field dedicated to remember the setting) as I move along. I would try to postpone doing these steps, trying to do all possible in the current layout because chances are that I would loose track of what I am supposed to do once in another context. Or get lost in the web of the community searching for solutions or ideas. Or remembering Fredo's tool to change context looking for it, needing to find the file, figure how to install the required BaseElements, in order to do a huge copy paste (which was totally worth the convoluted process). Moreover, the italicized statement above ( an unknown or external resource needed) is often a trigger to a brain freeze and although I can do other stuff meanwhile, it is really difficult to continue to concentrate, feeling as if you had a big smear in your glasses and were trying to read something.


I might have to start working my layouts on paper as a detailed to do list and separate each step needed in small chunks.


What methods have you developed over time that have been your lifeline when you are tired, less alert or just unable to concentrate. What methods do you use that you find helpful in any circumstances?