FMP17 on Windows 10 Pro

Discussion created by extra4uk on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

Is anyone else having issues with FMP17 and FMPA17 on Windows 10.


I have a database set to launch on login which works fine (and has for several versions) but if I mistakenly close the Filemaker client and try to restart the software it will often not appear.


I launch the Task Manager and see it listed in the processes and have to end the task and try again. Sometimes this will be successful and sometimes not.


This is quite rare on my machine (maybe as it has more memory) but is frequent with my first test user of the Win10/FMP17 combination. On her machine (which has just 4Gb RAM) it is frequent and sometimes FMP17 won't start at all - No error message just nothing appears to happen.


All my other clients are still on Windows 7 and FMP15 without any issues, but I wanted to replace all the users HDD's with SSD's over the Christmas break giving them Windows 10 and the latest version of the Filemaker client software. We are all connecting to FMS17 running on Windows Server 2012 R2.