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Understanding the auto-enter option when importing

Question asked by ignasi on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by mikebeargie

I'm not exactly a FM beginner but today I'm astonished because I can't understand the auto-enter option when importing records. This is the situation:


I have two tables: items and receiveItems, both have the same fields:

  • id field has auto-enter serial number setup in both tables
  • text field has auto-enter text only in receiveItems table


When I import records from items into receiveItems (mapping fields accordingly and selecting 'Add new records') I get the option to "Perform auto-enter options while importing". I expected that choosing that option would leave receiveItems::id with fresh serial numbers and receiveItems::text filled with its auto-enter value but it doesnt, actually the result is exactly the same if I do check that option or don't.


So what's the use of the "Perform auto-enter..." option when importing? I've read FM help but it's not enough, can you explain it with more detail?