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Is it possible to only update a "ModificationTimestamp" if it is(n't) a certain user?

Question asked by smasters on Nov 19, 2018
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I am the only person who really works on the data analysis side of my solution, and the only one who makes edits to how it works. Everyone else is doing data entry. To analyze records, I sometimes create new fields and populate them, which changes every ModificationTimestamp to me. For error finding, those original mod stamps can be incredibly useful. Obviously, the same problem occurs when I fix/neutralize errors.


In a futile attempt to preserve the old time stamps, I created a new field "ModificationTimestamp2" with the formula:


Case (table::modifiedby  ≠ "myname" ; table::modificationtimestamp )

"Do not replace" is unchecked.


As I thought it might, if I am the last "modifiedby", it clears the field.


Is anyone aware of a workaround?


I am aware of 1 nuclear option: (Almost) Everything they enter/modify in this table is through scripts and I could have the script only enter the timestamp in ModificationTimestamp2 if it wasn't me, but I'd rather not have to add that If statement to every script. I would also like to be able to add the feature to other tables where they do manually enter data.