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FileMaker Pro Advanced v17 Memory Usage

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Nov 19, 2018
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As use of FMPA v17 is increasing across our Citrix and RemoteApp servers, I thought the following may be of interest.


A typical user is consuming between 300Mb and 400Mb of RAM, although those using 2 windows (we have some scheduling systems where one calendar window is on one monitor and order details on another) tend to consume over 500Mb.


As our own development accounts can easily bloom to 2.5Gb RAM by the close of business, I carried out the following checks with my own account:

  • 233Mb - FMPA v17 first launched with My Apps/standard launch screen open
  • 287Mb - 4 file separated solution with 1 interface file/window open (only the interface file is interacted with below)
  • 368Mb - 1 window open in layout mode
  • 381Mb - 2 windows open in browse mode
  • 411Mb - 3 windows open in browse mode
  • 426Mb - 4 windows open in browse mode
  • 392Mb - revert to 1 window open in browse mode
  • 477Mb - 2 windows open in layout mode
  • 544Mb - 3 windows open in layout mode
  • 617Mb - 4 windows open in layout mode
  • 598Mb - revert back to 1 window in layout mode
  • 599Mb - revert back to 1 window in browse mode


The above figures were without any design work or data entry. Working in layout mode, scripts and also, in particular, the script debugger/data viewer can really spike the memory usage. At the end of a relatively short period of work my account usage was 1,355Mb.


We have a number of users who do not log out at close of business and their memory usage can gradually increase, so anyone thinking of utilising a Citrix or RemoteApp service should always try to log idle users out. RAM and vCPUs are the most expensive parts of our cloud setup and with between 40 and 50 users per server, the difference between each consuming about 350Mb RAM compared to 600Mb can be quite critical. A regular server restart is advised.


Very rarely do we see the RAM allocation drop unless FileMaker is exited, where the account is retained by the server for a period of time (until logged out due to inactivity) at about 15Mb.


Also, if your PCs (can't speak for Macs) tend to get unreliable as the day goes on, a FileMaker 'File -> Exit' followed by a relaunch at lunchtime may make for a more productive afternoon.