Server Script Finding Different Results

Discussion created by BenKingsbury on Nov 19, 2018
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I have a scheduled script on our FileMaker Server that sends certain records out to people in an email.  It does a Perform Find step to grab records to send out.  After it processes these records, it flags them so they don't send again when the next schedule is run.  However, this has been sending the same records over and over again (not even grabbing the new records).


Here's where it gets interesting: when I go into FileMaker Pro and debug through the same script, it works properly.  It grabs the new records and sends out the correct data.  However, if I go to the Admin Console and run the script manually (or let the schedule run by itself), it still sends the duplicate records. 


I'm not sure why there would be a discrepancy between the server side and the Pro side especially since they are the same script.


Anyone have a situation like this?