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Parsing Numbers

Question asked by user28271 on Nov 19, 2018
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Similar to my last post I run into this a lot.


Labor has a TYPE


Job has a portal to labor with totals.


Client want to see a total by type.


So I write a series of calculated fields


Case(type = EDITORIAL, Hours)

Case(type = GRAPHICS, Hours)

...and so on.


Their types as grown to 5 types

And now they want total for RT, OT, DT


SO this means

-15 calculated fields in labor

-15 calculated fields in job



This is very tedious and I am curious for alternatives.


BTW:  I did try using SQL but there are over 50,000 labor lines so it just too slow.


I did consider just number fields and then have a script go and collect the information.  But my clients have become used to live fields.  They will have this open on the screen and watch it change as staff add time.