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How can I add together summary fields from a relationship?

Question asked by sliprat on Nov 19, 2018
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I have two tables that I am summarizing


Table #1 (Summary of amount physical cash amount collected over several days)

Date Money deposited

Client Group money collected from

Total amount collected from all dates turned in by client group


Table #2 (Summary of amount billed to many clients)

Date (Using relationship to match date from Table #1)

Client Group (Using relationship to match date from Table #1)
Total amount collected for the day.


I have no problem creating a report that summarizes each table separately.


I have workers out in the field using filemaker to bill customers. The workers then send in their money which may include 2-3 days worth of money. When we deposit the money we account for it by date and by Client Group. I want to be able to compare what was supposed to be billed & collected to what is actually deposited on a single report instead of 2 separate ones. I can get the subsummaries to work correctly from Table #1 (Left), but because I am attempting to sum up summary fields on from table #2 I can't get it to work.



This is my relationship to come up with the summary for the totals on the right side:

Edit Relationship 2018-11-19 18-28-05.jpg

I want to be able to add together the summaries created from this relationship. I know that the relationship matches only a single date. I'd like to add the multiple dates together. I understand my approach may not be correct, I am seeking suggestions.