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Code() function returns incorrect results

Question asked by comment on Nov 20, 2018
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Tested in FMPA on macOS 10.13.6.



The Code() function returns incorrect results in many cases.


For example:

Code ( "  " )

is supposed to return 65915, the decimal code of the input character GREEK DRACHMA SIGN. Instead, the code returned is "5669955296".


The attached file contains 82,706 characters for which the Code() function returns the wrong result. This is not an exhaustive list - only a collection of cases that I was able to test.



I am submitting this together with a report on the wrong results returned by the Char() function. These two functions are supposed to be mutually mirroring, but because of these discrepancies it is easy to get a ridiculous result such as:

Code ( Char ( 65915 ) )

returning 379.