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Setting tabs in a calculation field

Question asked by jgaglio on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by jgaglio

Using FileMaker Pro Advanced 16

I need to display test result fields in a row & column format to use on a report. The report could be emailed, or printed. In either case, I haven't been able to get the tabs to work correctly. I made a sample file to explain which I'll include in hopes of finding a solution. There are 120 fields setup in a matrix of 3 columns and 12 rows. Each row has a calculated field which contain a test description label and three concatenated fields separated by tabs.

I was using the char(9) function to set tabs. Later I changed to custom functions "two tabs" and "three tabs" for ease of reading. In anycase, neither is working. To make it more interesting, I also have to display only the rows with populated data on the report, and not have any space between them, like a mailing label. Please have a look at the sample provided. Thanks